Value Other People’s Time AND Yours

Dear Entrepreneur,

Would you agree that you want to work with people who are authentic and have integrity?

Would you also agree that time is the one thing that you can’t get back?

I know that you believe the answer is “yes” to both questions.

So here is my ask for you…

Please don’t be this person: 

From one entrepreneur to another, I ask that if you’re considering doing business with someone…please value YOUR and the OTHER PERSON’S time. It’s so important that before starting any business relationship that both parties respect each other’s time.

If you express interest in doing business with someone, don’t be the person who sounds super interested and ready to move forward, then suddenly flake out.  Meaning…dodging follow up calls, texts, or emails. That’s not cool. Now that we live in a digital age…the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Especially with the help of social media (there’s a high chance that you may have mutual friends with the other person). You don’t want to be known as the person who leads others on and flake, because that’ll have a negative impact on your brand.

Always be REAL.


These are important qualities and characteristics that are hard to come by nowadays.

If you’re interested in moving forward with the person, cool. If you’re not, that’s cool too. Just let them know. Trust me, they’ll be happy because they realize time and energy is precious and they can’t get it back when following up with a GHOST. Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. I know you wouldn’t want someone to do something like that to you.

But look, I know you don’t do things like this, because that’s not how we roll.

You may, however, know someone who does. Be on the look out and let them know!